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A Beacon

on January 3, 2013

– From The Daily Compass

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.” Matthew 5:14

How will you let your light shine today so that you can give light to those around you?


I see my light as one of compassion and service. How will I shine this today?

I will work so that my family will have food and shelter.

I will ask my mom if there is anything she needs from me before I leave.

I will hug my children and let them know they are loved.

I will be the best mom, wife, and employee I can be.


This is another difficult one for me. I love the Daily Compass because it really makes me think. It is helping me grow as a person. I have always been so scared of what people think of me. I have had this irrational fear that I will be so disliked and left alone. I think it goes back to being the new kid at school. There were so many times when I ate my lunch with a teacher or in the office. I did this because I was being teased and ridiculed. They treated it by just removing me from the situation. So, I tried to keep my light hidden so that I would not get noticed. Then, when I finally reached high school, I began to do things outside of school. While at school, I was very professional and meek. I dressed in business attire and was very quiet. Outside of school I wore black and did as I wanted. I was a drama queen through and through. I really let my light shine. When I got to college, I began to merge the two and it was stunning. After college, I found a local UU church where I could finally be myself and believe how I wanted. I saw that my light was brighter when I entered the Sanctuary. It was bliss. Then my family moved. Now, I am nowhere near a UU church. My light has dimmed somewhat, but I am trying to keep it lit. It is very difficult. This week, I found an online UU community and I was overjoyed. I will attend their online service this Sunday and see how it goes. I can’t wait. I am so excited. I will light my chalice and let it illuminate my life.



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