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Doctor Who Fan Fiction

on September 18, 2014

My daughter Meaghan and her friend Darby have written fan fiction about Doctor Who. I read and edited their stories. I really like them. With their permission, I am including the first one here. Feel free to comment with your thoughts. Please keep them family-oriented. They will be reading them. My daughter is 16.


On a cold winter night, three children and a teenager sat around a lit fireplace in a warm, cozy living room.
“Will you tell us a story Meaghan?” the only boy asked the teenager.
“I guess so. It’s not like I’m doing anything else,”she replied. “What story?”
“The one about The Doctor!” all three children yelled in unison.
“Really? Okay, but your parents don’t like this story. So, if they get back before the end you just have to wait until I have to babysit you guys again for the rest.”
“Okay, that’s fair. We did make you build a snow fort with us and then collapse it on Thomas,” said the boy.
“At least I got him out of there before he started to cry. Anyway, It was a dark and stormy night… Okay… Maybe it was just dark and windy, but it was still scary. Not that I would admit that to my friend, Darby.”


We were walking through the woods that was five blocks away from the orphanage. It was a windy night and it threatened to storm at any moment. Not that I would mind, I love storms. I was about to throw a snowball at Darby but her scarf got caught in a low hanging tree branch.
Turning to untangle herself she said “Meaghan? Could you help me? I’m kind of stuck…”
So I walked over to see what I could do, but the scarf was old and very frayed so it was stuck beyond fixing.
“I’m sorry Darby, but I’m going to have to cut the scarf or the tree, and it’ll take a while to cut through the tree branch…”
“Don’t you DARE cut this scarf! It was my mom’s!”
“Okay, Okay!!” I said as I pulled out my pocket knife and started to cut the branch as close to the scarf as I could safely cut. “How did this happen?”
“That’s a very good question.”
As I finished cutting through the branch, I heard a metallic stomping sound
(like a lot of people wearing full plated armor were stomping around the forest).
The sound made me even more scared of the dark woods.
Thinking it was just my imagination, I whispered “What are we even doing out here?!?!”
“Oh…right…I forgot to tell you. Uh… People who come in to this forest at night are never seen again-”
“What?! And you thought it was a good idea to come out here at night?! We’re just kids. What can we do?!? I thought you were the smartest kid in the orphanage?!” I yelled loud enough to be heard through the forest.
“That’s why I brought you – to protect me. And keep your voice dow-”
She was cut off as the stomping sound got very close. I turned to face the sound just in time to see twenty metal men stomping out of the trees and holding their right hands out.
With a deep, gravely, robotic voice they said in unison “You will be upgraded.”
Without thinking I turned around, grabbed Darby’s hand, and ran in the other direction.
Dodging the trees, we finally came to a clearing.
The clearing had a blue box in the center. A man with a tweed jacket and dark red bow-tie was leaning against it. He had dark brown hair that kind of flopped down the side of his face. We didn’t see much else since we were focused on not being “upgraded”.
When we reached the man he said “Hello, my name is the Doctor-”
He didn’t get to finish his sentence since the metal men had surrounded us and the blue box.
“You will be upgraded!” They just wouldn’t stop repeating that phrase.
“Are they going to kill us?” Darby asked in a panic. The Doctor, who was now pointing a long metal thing (that was making a strange whirring sound) at the metal men.
“No. They’re planning to make you into one of them. Well, I guess it’s almost the same thing. So, yes, they’re planning to kill you.”
“I doubt my knife will have much effect on them…” I said sadly.
“Well look on the bright side.” Darby said.
“How could there possibly be a bright side?!” I almost yelled at her.
“Since we’re orphans, no one will miss us,” she said matter-of-factly.
“How is that a good thing?! I have to babysit on Friday!” I yelled at her.
In the few seconds it took to say all that, three things happened. The Doctor was waving his metal glowing stick at the monsters, I was drawing my pocket knife and stepping between Darby and the advancing metal men, and a blue beam shot down from the sky.
“They are called Cybermen,” explained the Doctor, “and I won’t let you girls die today.”
At that moment the blue beam teleported the three of us and the blue box into a hallway that seemed to go up forever. It had Cybermen all up and down the wall in alcoves that looked to be just big enough for one Cyberman. They looked like they were sleeping, if metal men could sleep, that is.
“Oh great, now we’re on the Cybermen spaceship.” He looked around. “Well since I was interrupted by our metal friends last time, I’m The Doctor, who are you?”
“I’m Darby and this is my friend Meaghan.”
Right after she said that, another blue beam shot at the blue box and it disappeared.
“No!” The Doctor shouted.
“What’s the box for?” Darby asked him.
“Its my ship. It’s called the TARDIS, it can travel anywhere in space and time, and it is bigger on the inside.”
“Can it really travel in time?” Darby whispered in awe.
“Yes and it is the most powerful ship in the universe so I’d rather not lose it!”
“Awesome!” Darby and I replied in unison.
“Is no one going to mention the Cybermen on the wall?” I asked.
“We should whisper. Now let’s find my TARDIS.”
As we made our way down the hall I whispered “Still not mentioning the Cybermen on the wall?”
“Ignore them,” he whispered back.
At the end of the hallway there was a closed metal door with no handles, but there was a small panel beside it on the wall.
“My sonic will wake up the Cybermen. We’re stuck!” The Doctor whispered.
“Your what?” I asked
He looked at me like I was a small child and replied, “This thing.” He held it up. “It is called a Sonic Screwdriver. It can do almost anything. Open any door, lock any lock, and fix anything.”
“Can it really work on anything!?” Darby seemed astonished.
“Anything and everything! Except wood…”
“HA!! It’s like a downgraded multi-tool! At least THOSE work on wood!”
In response to the Doctor’s boasting about his high-tech screwdriver, Darby walked around him and looked at the panel by the door. She then pulled a normal screwdriver out of her jacket pocket and pried the panel open, then she put the screwdriver back in her pocket and started messing with the wires, occasionally pulling out a tool or two from her pockets. After about five minutes the door slid open, surprising the Doctor.
“How did you do that?” he asked her.
“Easy, she just switched the power from keeping the door closed to keeping the door open.” I whispered.
“Oh… Well come on then. They probably took the TARDIS to the main control room,” the Doctor replied looking a little upset because someone outshone him.
The Doctor grabbed both of our hands and led us on. He seemed like he knew exactly where he was going.
“So…” Darby said. I could tell what she was going to say. We’ve always been able to predict each others actions and thoughts.
“Doctor Who?” We said in unison.
He looked at us with something on his face. Still, I can’t decide what it was. Surprise? Confusion? I’m not sure. He didn’t answer our question though. Instead, he asked us something.
“How do you keep doing that?”
“Doing what?” We both replied at the same time.
“That. Saying the same thing as each other. Predicting what the other is going to say. I can’t even do that. It’s… fascinating and… somewhat scary…”
“We don’t know HOW we can do it.” Darby replied.
“We just can.” We both replied.
“Stop that! I don’t know how you do that, and I really hate not knowing. Once I get the TARDIS back and we get off this ship I’ll figure it out. Just quit doing that for now. OK?”
“We’ll try but it really isn’t up to us. It just…” I replied.
“Happens.” We both told him.
“Fine.” He sighed. “Let’s go find the TARDIS.”
The Doctor led us down a long corridor. Every few yards we passed a door with more Cybermen “recharging”.
“So, are we in a real alien spaceship?” I asked.
“Yes. You are in a real live alien spaceship.” He responded as if we were small children and he was our father trying to please us.
“Wow…” Darby whispered.
“So how many types of aliens are on board? Just the Cybermen or are there more?” I asked. The Doctor stayed silent so Darby pressed on.
“Doctor?” Silence. “DOCTOR!!!”
He seemed startled that someone had hollered at him.
“Oh! Yes Darby?”
“Answer Meaghan’s question.” She said in the voice she uses when trying to get what she wants.
“Oh alright. Two. There are two species on board. If you count humans then there would be three.”
We stared in awe.
“So what is the other species?” We said together.
He grabbed our hands and dragged us on down the hall. We were moving very swiftly, so we figured we should drop the matter.
About five minutes of speed walking trying to find the TARDIS, the Doctor stopped and shushed us. We heard the metallic stomping of footsteps as he pulled us into a small dark closet. Suddenly we were all grabbed from behind by strong cold arms. Darby and I screamed and kicked and tried to wrench ourselves out of the strong grip of our captors, all of the defense mechanisms we were taught in the orphanage, but it was no use.
“Don’t struggle, girls. Just relax. It will be OK. There is no use draining your energy now. Just try to calm down.”
“CALM DOWN!?!?!?” We both screamed at him.
“You will be upgraded,” The Cybermen announced in unison.
We were both small enough for a Cyberman to pick us up and carry us, one on each arm. The Doctor was dragged along by two others.
They took us to a medium sized room with some kind of machine that didn’t look reassuring for our survival.
“You will be upgraded.” They informed us for the hundredth time.
“Doctor if you had a plan, now would be a good time to put it into action!” We both hollered.
“Working on it!” He shouted back.
As the Cyberman took us closer to the machine in the center of the room, I saw a broken Cyberman arm on the ground just out of reach.
“Lets give the Cybermen a hand,” I tell Darby.
When I looked back at the arm, it started to move. Then it shot towards the Cyberman that was holding us, and hit it in the head – making the Cyberman and us fall over. The Cyberman let go of us and we fell to the floor. Darby and I quickly got up and looked at the two Cybermen who were holding the Doctor’s arms.
“I think it’s time for a round of applause.” We said together.
And the arm flew through the air and hit both Cybermen in their faces. As they fell to the ground, they let go of the Doctor.
Standing wide eyed in shock, he asked “How did you do that?!”
“We told you before,” we said together. “We don’t know why we just know-”
“Who.” The Doctor asked “Are you?”
“Never mind that!! RUN!” We both yell at him, grabbing his hands and running out the other door, as the Cybermen got to their feet.
We ran down corridor after corridor, and after we were all out of breath, we stopped outside a closed metal door like the very first one we came to.
“This time I CAN use my Sonic.” The Doctor said while glaring at Darby.
He pointed his Sonic Screwdriver at the heavy metal door and within seconds the door slid open.
“Ha! Three seconds.” The Doctor beamed proudly.
“We have never seen a Cyberman or their kind of technology, you should be amazed that she got it open at all.” I said a bit too calmly.
“Right. Well, we need to find my TARDIS. Come on,” he said in a bit of an annoyed tone.
So off we went. We ran around the ship dodging Cybermen, hiding in closets, and running down corridors. Darby and I were, I hate to say, having fun. We had hid from people before so we were rather good at it but this was different. We had never felt this much of a rush before. It was… exciting.
“My TARDIS should be up ahead in the main control room. Come on.”
He grabbed our hands and started running. Only… that’s where it got complicated…
We ran and ran and we were almost there when, all of a sudden, ten Cybermen came out and blocked the door. We thought nothing of it. I mean, we had been doing this for the past couple of hours now. It wasn’t that much of a problem. Except… We got too comfortable…
Darby and I went to do the same attack technique we had been doing. I run left, Darby runs right, and The Doctor runs straight forward and we take them all out. We did the same thing but I guess the other Cybermen sent out a warning because they were waiting for it.
Three went for me, three for Darby, and four for the Doctor. The Doctor and I got through fine. It was Darby we had to worry about. One of the Cybermen shot her in the stomach. She fell to the ground, unconscious. I screamed for her but she wouldn’t wake up. I thought she was dead. The Doctor ran to her and slung her over his shoulder grabbing my hand in the process, taking us both to his ship.
I was crying as he unlocked the blue box. When we entered, I was so distraught that I didn’t pay any mind to the fact that the small blue box had a large room on the inside with doorways opening into corridors. I couldn’t even bother to ask what he was doing with all of the buttons and levers on the console. She was gone. My best friend. My only friend.
I felt Darby’s pulse. There was a heartbeat! “DOCTOR!!! SHE’S STILL ALIVE!!!! YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!!!!!” He remained silent, rushing around the console flipping levers and pressing buttons. “Doctor… Please… She’s my best friend…”
He still said nothing. I began crying harder than ever. Then he did something suddenly – something I didn’t expect. He walked over to me and told me he needed me to stay in the TARDIS while he took Darby somewhere.
“No!” I told him. “She is my friend and I am not leaving her!”
“Please Meaghan… Just listen to me.”
“Then I’m sorry but I have to do this.”
He looked at me with sadness in his eyes and put one of his hands on either side of my head. Then I blacked out.
I woke up in a chair near the console to the sight of The Doctor walking around the TARDIS pressing buttons.
“Ow… It feels like I was hit with a piano… What happened?” I asked.
“Yeah… That’s a side effect… Sorry…Anyway, Darby is at a hospital.”
“Really? What if i don’t believe you?”
“Yes, she’s fine. Well as fine as you can be in that situation. It’s a good thing that we got her there in time. So where do you live?”
“You think I’m going to tell you?!”
“You are if you want to go home.”
“I can’t take you to her.”
“Because you would be scared of the people that work there!”
“Really? I was just captured by Cybermen, almost killed, and YOU THINK THAT I WOULD BE SCARED OF HOSPITAL STAFF?!”
“Well… They’re cats…”
“Cats… You think I would be scared of cats?”
“Meaghan… You don’t understand. It might be hard for you. She’s in a lot of pain right now and I don’t want you to have to see that. You’re only a kid. You don’t need to see your best friend suffer. I’m taking you home.”
“I. AM. NOT. A. KID.”
“Everyone is a child to me. Don’t argue.”
He looked sad. Lonely even. Like I had just offended him. I was just angry but the look he gave me… It was awful… It made me feel bad for him. So I went along with it. He took me home and promised he’d come get me when Darby was better.
Then he left. He dropped me off at the front of the orphanage and the blue box disappeared with only a wheezing, groaning noise to tell of its departure.


The children and Meaghan heard the front door open and a female voice yell “Children we’re home!”


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