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RPG Generator Adds Life to Novel

on October 9, 2014

Hey there guys and gals!

Do you suffer from writer’s block? Have you found more than one character standing as a cardboard cutout with no depth? Do you want to add dimensions to your characters and fill them full of life? I have some really great news! There is indeed and app for that!

AC Arcana’s RPG Character Generator is just amazing. I sat for almost a month with writer’s block. I really needed a new character to make a scene work. Also, most of my other characters were just pieces of furniture – you know, not comfy and made of wood? So, I went online and looked for inspiration (as you do). I found many things I could purchase: writer’s dice, story dice, etc. None of them seemed to fit what I needed. I then went to my daughter (who writes lots of fan fiction) and said “Man, I wish I knew Java or C++. I would then create this really cool app that would generate a character based on certain parameters.”

“But there’s already one out there,” she announced.

“You have GOT to be kidding me!”

“No, really there is. See? Take a look.”

A few minutes later, I had an awesome character drawn up and a new subplot added to my novel. Yay me!

First of all, there is a free version with ads and a $1.49 version without. Right now, I have the free version. I will be buying it today because it is just that great. Although, this review is based on the free version for Android. I downloaded it from the Google Play Store.

RPG Character Generator - screenshot

The first thing you notice when you open the app is an array of character attributes. They are broken down into the following categories:

  • Role
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Birthplace or Home
  • Past
  • Religion
  • Family
  • Sexuality

For example, Role has the following drop down menus:

  • Role
  • Archetype
  • Preferred Weapon
  • Alignment

Even archetype has oodles of choices in a drop down menu: alchemist, assassin, brute, cavalier, craftsman, defender, diplomat, enchanter, entertainer, inquisitor, magus, monk, naturalist, necromancer, paladin, peasant, priest, ranger, sage, scout, sharpshooter, sorcerer, swashbuckler, thief, warlock and warrior. And if you don’t like any of these, you can always add your own by choosing “other….”

Once you make a choice in the pull down menu, a description appears under your choice. For instance, for Paladin it says “Choose a class geared towards protection and healing.”

There is a lock beside each of the drop down menus. This allows you to choose from only a few of them and lock your choices in place. Then you can hit the randomize button to get rid of the ones you don’t want.

Many of them are geared toward gaming. But, it can be used for other characters as well. My favorite Personality menu is “Quirks”. It lets you add just about anything (some examples are: activist, addicted to a Narcotic, arachnophobia, drama queen, schizophrenia, touchy feely are just a few) . You can add multiple quirks and you can even make up your own.

Once you have created your character, you can then save it (with his/her name that can be generated as well) in one of ten slots.

Here is the character sketch I created last night.

Dak is a tall, runty, young adult human male with spiked purple hair and green eyes. He is a priest who carries a quarterstaff. His alignment is neutral good. He is clean shaven and likes to wear chains, studs, leather coats, and bandanas. He seeks to know all the secrets of the universe and has a tendency to come up with strange and surprising ideas.  He always wants to ask about every detail about everything. He goes out of his way to find libraries, rare books, wise men, and sages alike to learn their secrets. He finds matter-of-fact, casual humor the most amusing and he keeps a lucky charm. He is an avid reader, tea lover and inventor. He was born in a small mountain village that was quickly built as temporary housing for a gold rush or mine. The village community all know each other well and are interested in each other’s lives. In his past, he was once married. He managed to find and fall in love again (after his marriage fell apart).  He devotes more time than most to matters involving his faith. His religion puts emphasis on the traditions regarding multiple gods. His faith has a local following only. He has an overall average sized family (with three siblings). He has family members who are addicted to some kind of mind altering substance. He is a member of the lower class with an average reputation.

All of that came from one little app.


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