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What We Won’t Touch

From the Daily compass:

What we are reluctant to touch often seems the very fabric of our salvation.”
― Don DeLillo

Who are you reluctant to contact or acknowledge? How might they be an agent of your salvation?

OK, I can really see how the Daily Compass goes with the CLF. It all revolves around a theme. This month it is salvation. I wrote on this a bit yesterday. I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. It is a medieval re-creation group. I am a youth officer for the Kingdom of Ansteorra. I think I have been avoiding my friends in the SCA. I did not realize this at first. But I really have. I feel guilty that I do not have the gas/money/transportation to attend meetings. I feel horrible and disappointed that I cannot make the meetings/get-togethers. I really miss them so much. I avoid them because it hurts too much. But I really do need to contact them. They need to know what is going on. I think that if I just talk to them, it will begin a healing process that I really need right now. I need to get what I can done and ask for help with the rest. I have really been shirking my duties as a Kingdom officer. I don’t attend events and I have not done much work. I really need to talk to my Kingdom seneschal and let him know what is going on. I can alleviate many of my problems if I just ask for help. It is so hard to do that though. It makes me feel weak. I try to be as strong as I can. I get so frustrated that I can’t do everything. That feeling makes me depressed. Then, I get nothing done. It is a vicious cycle. So, I need to stop being upset and do something about it. Today, I will email/call everyone I need to in order to get back on track and get my work done. There is an event coming up called Round Table. It is a semi-annual kingdom-wide officer meeting. I was going to go. Now, it looks like I won’t be able to attend after all. I was so looking forward to it. I just can’t find a way to make it there. So, I will find someone who can go for me. I have not missed a single one since I took office. I teach a class and have a forum discussion. The last class had one participant. It was awful. So, maybe it won’t be a bad thing for me to miss it. I don’t know. I will just see. I will talk to an SCA friend of mine and see what she thinks. She always speaks her mind and gives great advice. I have my salvation in sight. I can feel the tension starting to fade already. It helps to get a game plan together. I look forward to the healing with anticipation and gratitude.

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From the Daily Compass:

As train tracks stretch into the distance they appear to converge. We know the two sides of a track are always at an even distance, but our eyes tell us that the farther they are away, the closer they are together. Even what we “know” from the evidence of our own eyes isn’t necessarily true. Perhaps what we “know” about other people—that they are unkind or selfish or unfair— might be as much a function of our perception as their reality.

How might you see someone who bothers you in a different light?

When someone bothers me, I try to figure out why.For many years, my Memaw has been a little difficult. She constantly blames others for things that happen to her. She says that everyone is out to get her. As long as everyone agrees with her, she is happy. If anyone disagrees with her, they are out to get her. They hate her, according to Memaw. Since then, she has been diagnosed with paranoid dementia. So, now, I try to keep this in mind when she gets angry and belligerent. I also try to find out why someone else is the way they are. I try to see things from their point of view. This has made me very open-minded. It has also made it difficult for me to stick to my own personal beliefs. I can see the other side so well, that I tend to be in the middle on many issues.

In high school, I was on the debate team. We did not choose what side we were on for any given issue. We had to learn to defend or oppose any given subject. It was difficult, but it really helped me. I try really hard to see both sides. It makes me less angry with people due to their position on a given subject. But, it also makes me intolerable of closed-minded people. The one side of the issue that I cannot tolerate is intolerance. This sounds so funny. But I cannot stand those who  think there is just one path, one side, or one view. These people annoy me. I really wish everyone could do as I have done and see both sides of the story.


Tending the Wires

-From the Daily Compass

Dr. King said that we are “caught in an inescapable network of mutuality,” and many of us identify with the Interdependent Web as an image of the complex web of relationships which encompasses all beings. But many of our relationships depend on the tangible web of wires which make possible our connections via phone and internet. And these wires only continue to connect us if they are tended and maintained.

What will you do today to tend to some connection that matters to you?

There was a group of teens I hung out with in high school. We were really good friends. That was way back in Virginia over 20 years ago. We lost contact when I attended the University of Texas at Austin. I have since been looking for them off and on. I have found several of them through Facebook. Today, I found one of the last two left. I found him through Google. I found out that he has a Facebook account and I asked to be his friend. Hopefully, he will remember me. I really miss those friends. I think of them often. I started this blog for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that all my friends live so far away. They are always so busy. I try to contact them but they don’t have the time. So, I now have a blog to talk to. It helps me think and sort things out. I tend to bare all on this blog.  I am not sure if anyone will read it or not. I guess that doesn’t really matter. I am not writing for anyone but me. It is cathartic, in a way. It really does help. I just wish I could write more. But, every little bit helps.

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