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Although the winter solstice falls in December (for those in the Northern Hemisphere), it never really feels like the days grow longer and the light brighter until well into the new year. As winter wears on it becomes ever more important to notice the places of brightness, and to create those places where we can.

How will you find or shed a little extra light today?

I have recently been moved to a different delivery route (that I love). I was overjoyed at the new route. We got a new girl (Sheila) who took over my old route. She is lovely. We get along great and now I am not the only female route driver. Yay! I have helped her out as much as I can. Today, in order to spread the light of love, I am going to help her out even more. All the boxes that we will deliver are put onto one pallet. They are all mixed up. So, I usually sort them and put them in order from first stop to last stop. Today, I will stand by while she sorts and loads up. I will teach her but let her do it herself. “If you teach a gal to fish…” and so on. I think she can do it. She has been on the route for almost two weeks. Plus, I will be right there. Also, she has my number. Yesterday, she called me when she arrived at a new stop. I kept her on the line until she made the delivery. It was at a ranch with many barns and roads. It is the easiest place to lose yourself. So I wanted to make sure that she made it and that she was OK. When I started that route, the previous driver had already moved away. So, I did not have a mentor. I was “thrown to the wolves” so to speak. I was scared to death. I had no maps or anything. It is a hard route with many ranches and farms in the country. Many of them are hard to find. So, I decided that I would mentor anyone who had to take over the route in the future. I also made up a folder with every possible stop listed. Each stop has a map, directions, address, and phone number. I also made sure that she had my phone number and I told her to call me with any questions (which she has). I always try to be there for the newcomer. I love training people. This is how I spread the light of love. I education and mentor those who really need it. And I absolutely adore doing it.

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Scene at a Whitesboro ranch.

Scene at a Whitesboro ranch.

– From The Daily Compass:

One of the most beautiful moments of the day comes as the sun goes down, and the light is lost. We know the dark is coming, but for this brief time the sky is at its most glorious.

When have you found beauty in the presence of loss?

I am a courier for MWI Vet Supply. I pick up goods in Grand Prairie and deliver them to vets and ranchers in the Gainesville/Whitesboro area. The last stop on my route brings me almost two hours from home (75 miles). I usually arrive home around seven in the evening. I drive over 250 miles per day. I am utterly exhausted when I get home. Despite all of this, I like the route. The people on it are great. I have gotten to know many ranchers and vets. I see beautiful landscapes and animals. I received word last week that the Granbury route has opened up. I took it. Even though I will dearly miss my Gainesville/Whitesboro customers, I will enjoy the new route more. Granbury is only 45 minutes (40 miles) from home. It will mean less gas, less time on the road, and less time away from my family. This is my silver lining. It is my beauty in the presence of loss. I will lose a great route but I will gain so much more.



– From the Daily Compass:

A neighbor is just a random person who lives near you, someone who gets their mail  at about the same time you do. It’s the most arbitrary connection in the world. And yet Jesus put “love your neighbor as yourself” at the heart of his description of religious life. The person we are called to love is anyone we come in contact with whether we have reason to like them or not.

Who have you treated with love recently, simply because they were there?

I am an independent contractor. I work for Star Delivery Service. In turn, I run a route for MWI Vet Supply. I take vet supplies and I deliver them to vets and ranchers. This job requires driving over 250 miles a day. It is also exhausting. But I like the people I meet. I treat all the vets, ranchers, and staff with love. I do this just because they are there. One of them once said “You are always so happy and cheerful. How do you do it everyday?” I am not always happy and cheerful. But, they don’t need to know that. I smile at everyone and I laugh (even when I don’t feel like it) with them. I do this because my bad day has nothing to do with them. It is not their fault if I am having a bad day. They certainly don’t deserve my wrath or unhappy outlook. So, I give them kindness and love in return. I do this with my co-workers as well. I leave home life at home and I have no baggage when I walk in the door. What happens at home should have no bearing on my job. So, I walk into the warehouse with a smile and a hello for everyone. Sometimes, this takes an extreme amount of patience and grace. I have a mom who is a breast cancer survivor, volunteer work that drives me crazy, and the nutty traffic of Dallas/Fort Worth. It is enough to drive me nuts. But all that goes away when I cross work’s threshold. I start each day with a clean slate. It helps me to stay upbeat and it certainly helps my work performance.  Who will you love today?


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